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Precise, faster pipe replacement with minimal dust, noise and disruption.

We are Greater Vancouver’s leading pipe restoration and repiping specialits. Seriously deteriorated water pipes can cause leaks and eventually, even system-wide failure. CuraFlo® of British Columbia (BC) offers a complete range of repiping solutions for apartment buildings and other multitenant residential, commercial, industrial and municipal structures.

Copper Pipes

The Curaflo of BC difference: Long-lasting Repiping Solutions from experts you can trust

Vancouver’s water is among the highest-quality available anywhere in the world. Yet its aggressive effects on copper pipes can cause them to leak only a few short years into their service life. When repiping is the necessary course of action, choose a solution that stands the test of time, mitigates the risk of further costly repairs down the road, and ultimately, boosts a property’s marketability.

At CuraFlo of BC, our professionals are specially trained to evaluate your building’s entire plumbing system – not just the affected areas. Our customized cost-effective solutions are designed to:

21st Century Plumbing

Top brand name valves, stops and connecters such as Kits Dahl and Red-White.

Plumbing Pieces

Type “K” copper

It is the standard used in the repipe industry and is always used by CuraFlo of BC

Copper pipe has traditionally been used to repipe large-diameter water mains and risers. Yet copper pipe is not commonly used today. However, when asked for or required under code, CuraFlo of BC Repipe Services uses only the best type (K) copper sourced in North America.

CuraFlo of BC uses the grade of pipe with the thickest wall for maximum strength and durability. Adding an interior epoxy lining to copper pipes, as in CuraFlo’s TriSure system, can make them as reliable as PEX.

Aquatherm (a greener plumbing system made from recyclable polypropylene)

Designed for hot and cold potable water lines, it combines physical strength with high chemical purity and is one of the most environmentally friendly pipe types. Additionally, Aquatherm pipe is covered by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty; manufacturers of copper pipe do not offer a warranty on their product, so copper pipe is only covered by CuraFlo of BC’s standard two-year warranty.

Upanor PEX pipes and fittings [Cross-linked polyethylene (PEX)]

Upanor PEX pipe is the most popular plumbing material used today for ½-inch to 2-inch diameter pipes. With a 25 year warranty, there is good reason for that

CuraFlo of BC Quality

Quality at CuraFlo of BC begins in the design stage of projects.

Our experts work with our in-house engineers, or an owner’s engineers, to carefully design each new system. Our repipe designs are built to meet or exceed local codes, maximise use of the most reliable materials (materials with the longest, most comprehensive warranties) and avoid the use of products that have proven less than reliable in local buildings.

CuraFlo of BC quality continues throughout the construction stage, with our crews taking care to install the new system to local code and product manufacturer specifications. We also design the system to minimise flow rates in order to ensure a quieter, more durable system.

Minimize disruption to tenants and residents

Reduce the need for drywall cutting and repair

Limit the number of water service interruptions

Minimize dust and noise created during the repiping

Eliminate water contamination from pipes

A quieter, more durable system

The new piping system is secured to the building’s structure in such a way to minimise noise while allowing the system to move and expand and contract in sync with building movements. To accomplish this, expansion compensation and bumpers (hammer arrestors) are installed wherever required. New systems are also designed with many isolation valves throughout the building for improved serviceability. This also makes future renovation work easier.

Only the highest quality valves are used for isolation and fixture stops, and only braided style hoses are used at all fixture connections.

As sections of a new plumbing system are completed, the new pipes are flushed out and pressure tested before going into service.

Building owners can rest comfortably knowing that the CuraFlo of BC team took great care from the design stage through to return to service and final inspection.

We are happy to provide reference contact information upon request.

Why spend time and money repairing leaks and related property damages that continue to drain your budget? Whether you’re looking at repiping a section of your system, or the entire system, call CuraFlo of BC today for a free evaluation.

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